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Projects I Worked On

Science News Articles
Hairy moles may hold the secret to curing baldness -- for Drug Discovery News
3D printing the perfect piece of chocolate -- for Advanced Science News

A new treatment may cure neuropathic pain -- for Think Free

Bad dancing can be blamed on genetics -- for Advanced Science News

Cancer immunotherapy gets a boost from microbubbles -- for Advanced Science News

Autoimmune diseases captured in a library of genetic markers -- for Advanced Science News

Sniffer dogs detect COVID-19 -- for Advanced Science News

Biotech/pharma-related articles

Drug discovery evolves: Jump-starting the transition from animal models to human preclinical models


How Can BioPlatforms Support the mRNA “Revolution.” The Scientific Observer magazine. Download it here.

Could milk peptides treat central nervous system disorders?

The future is now: How artificial intelligence is leading drug discovery (ghostwritten, available on demand)

Videos talking about neurons (my favorite cells).
Postdoc Research Slam. University of Calgary. 2020.
The Canadian Science Grand Slam. 2020.

I write Press Releases for biopharma companies.
InFlectis Bioscience.
Kiora Pharmaceuticals.

I run a blog mixing adventure, personal experiences and science. If your Spanish skills are up to date, take a look at it!

Mitad Científica y Mitad Hippie. La Hippie Nerd.

To see more or discuss possible work just get in touch >>
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