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Service | 01 Writing and Copywriting

I write Press Releases for Biotech and Biopharma companies announcing new steps in clinical trials, drug development, and more.

I write scientific articles for websites (for scientists or a lay audience). I have experience in blogs and marketing-directed articles.

I write health/research news for web magazines.

Service | 02 Illustrating

I can improve that scheme full of details to people better understand it.

I use Affinity Designer (similar to Illustrator), BioRender or Canva.

Service | 03 Deck preparation/edition

I can convert your long, full of text presentation deck, to a clear and engaging one. Directed to investors, scientists, or lay audience.

Service | 04 Scientific Advisor

I can give you a hand researching what's going on in the biopharma field, understanding the science behind drug candidates in preclinical stage, or analyzing clinical trial results.

Do you need any of these services? Want to know my rates? Let's talk >>
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