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Professional ​

In April 2021 I decided to quit academia and do the part of science that I enjoy the most: communicating it! 

I have 10 years of experience in academia where I developed my SciComm skills by preparing posters and presentations, writing papers, and presenting my projects in front of peers.

I also took many courses specifically on SciComm to improve my communication skills with lay audiences. Now I write press releases, news articles, website content and blogs about science.

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Job position. Freelance Science and Medical Writer

​2021 - present

I write news articles about the latest discoveries in science for a lay audience.

I write science articles for digital magazines.

I write medical articles for the lay audience and physicians.

Job position. Freelance Science Communicator for Biotech and Biopharma Companies

​2021 - present


I work with biotech and biopharma companies writing press releases and blog articles.


I'm a science consultant for a financial firm that works with biopharma companies.

I'm an Investor and Corporate Communications assistant for a Biopharma company.



Job position. Postdoc Associate in UofC, Canada

​2019 - 2021


I worked for two years at the University of Calgary studying the interesting role of sensory neurons in the response to infection. I published five papers (and more to come!):

- An easy way to study a protein with a fluorescent tag.

- Capsaicin channel and neuroplasticity

- Deciphering a new pain modulator.

- Neurons involved in visceral pain.

- New molecular mechanism that helps understanding pain biology.

Job position. Postdoc Associate at Institut de Genomique Fonctionnelle, France

​2016 - 2019


I worked for 3 years in the lovely Mediterranean area of the south of France. I studied a calcium channel involved in chronic pain, and I published a bunch of papers in collaboration with other research teams:

- We described a new pain receptor expressed in neurons

- We proposed a possible new target for abdominal pain

- A way to prolong opioid analgesia


Microsoft Office Suite

Google Suite

Affinity Designer



GraphPad Prism






Italian (beginner)

PhD from Universidad Nacional de La Plata

​2011 - 2015


I was young and lost. I met this woman in a small and dim institute. After a long talk that I could verily understand, she captivated me with her enthusiasm for science and introduced me to the fantastic world of electrophysiology. She showed me how it is possible to make contact with neurons and communicate with them: we apply a stimulus, and they reply. Since that very first day, I became more and more interested in those intriguing cells. During this time, I published my first peer-reviewed scientific papers:

- We discovered a new mechanism for an obesity-related protein

- The same obesity-related protein modulates neuronal activity

- An appetite-related protein regulates neuronal activity in many ways

- Review about a mutation that changes pain sensitivity

- New method description for culturing some bizarre cells

MSc in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

​2005 - 2010


Here my passion for science started. I followed a research-orientated career where I met professors doing competent research in a country where things are not easy for science. I learned from them to keep doing what you are passionate about even if you have obstacles in your path.

Written Science Communication. University of Calgary.
April-May 2021
Banff Science Communication Program. TelusSparks Science Centre.
April 2021

Basics of Science Communication. University of Calgary.

September-October 2020

Top 5 Design Tips for Better Slide Decks. BioRender.

April 2020

Top 5 Design Tips for Better Grant Figures. BioRender.

April 2020


Top 5 Design Tips for Better Posters. BioRender.

May 2020

SciComm for the Public. BioRender.

May 2020


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